「3D VP Stacs」 
4K (& 2K) 3D Encode, Recorde, File Management, Net Connection

01) 4K(2K) Video streams of L&R cameras on a microscope or an endoscope are captured.

02) The world's most recent and extensive 10 types of 3D format and plus 3 types in near the future are encodable.

03) Polarization glasses, active shutter (120Hz/60Hz) glasses, naked-eye display and smart glasses display (HMD) can be used.

04) 9 sets of displays can be used simultaneously via HDMI, Thunderbolt(DisplayPort) or USB-C.

05) Not only 3D video but also 2D is operated.

06) Low latency video (delay of 100 msec or less from shot to displayed) helps a surgeon to perform the operation safely.

07) The filing of videos and photos is easy and fast like as automatic processing. A filed video can be sought in seconds.

08) The cutting, editing and rendering are simple and quick. Not only the cut editing, a full-fledged editing APP is also installed.

09) The seek bar at the edit mode allows to retrieve any scenes instantly.

10) Due to the high-speed copy to external storage in 10 or 40Gbps, a surgeon can bring his performed video to home in a matter of minutes.

11) 「3D VP Stacks」 is connected to the hospital network via Ethernet in 10Gbps.

12) Recoded videos, photos or examined data can be shown simultaneously on the same display of the live video streaming.

3D Encoder / 3D Encoder + Recorder

3D tube with with mirrorless camera

3D Macroscope camera

3D video adapter

3D display